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SigPlus Software for Topaz Signature Pads

Epic Hyperspace Support


First, select your method of redirection below. If you are not a user of Epic's Hyperspace Application, view the complete list of Topaz® models and software downloads.

Citrix XenApp & Standard COM Port Redirection


  1. First, download SigToolESI for your version of Hyperspace:

    SigToolESI (For Hyperspace 2012)

    SigToolESI (For Hyperspace 2014)

    SigToolESI (For Hyperspace 2015)

    SigToolESI (For Hyperspace 2017)

    Note: Silent installers are available for SigToolESI for Hyperspace 2017. To receive this, please
    complete the SigToolESI Silent Installer Request Form.

  2. Then, download SigPlus for your specific Topaz signature pad model. Select the model number suffix below that is listed on the back of your pad to download appropriate software. If your model is not listed below, please contact us.




Citrix XenApp & USB Redirection


Complete the USB Redirection Form for support.


Note: Do not follow instructions on the left. Topaz Dev Support will provide assistance upon completion of the USB Redirection Form.

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