SigPlus WiFi Software

For WFB Topaz Signature Pad Models

Please follow the instructions below to begin using your Topaz® WiFi-enabled signature pad.  Do not connect the pad to your computer until prompted to do so in the WiFi Guide. The software and instructions below ONLY work if you have a WiFi model signature pad. You can check by looking at the sticker on the back of the device and comparing it to the "Compatible Models List" under "Links". If you do not have a WiFi model device, view the complete list of Topaz models and software downloads.

After SigPlus® WiFi has been installed (see required steps below), Topaz offers several plug-ins, utilities, SDKs, demos, source code, and more to meet your application needs. To view more options, select a category under "Links".

NOTE: If your company has already provided you with software to sign documents electronically, you should not install SigPlus WiFi. Speak with your IT department if you are unsure on how to proceed.

Required Steps

Download SigPlus WiFi
Step 1

Download SigPlus WiFi software for use with Topaz WiFi-enabled signature pad to your computer's desktop. Right-click on the "Download SigPlus" icon displayed here, select "Save Link As", and choose the desktop as the save location to begin the download.


Download Topaz WiFi Guide
Step 2

Follow the detailed steps outlined in the Topaz WiFi Connection Guide
for installation and configuration instructions. It is crucial to follow these steps through for proper WiFi signature pad functionality.

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